Host Exciting kitty parties!

Naughty Gossip. Awesome games. Great food.


Host Kitty parties with different flavors, at three different venues, Verbena, Pravas and Smaaash, each emanating a unique ambience of its own. Where Pravas is the more laid back, traditional way to enjoy with your girl gang, Verbena adheres more to the western culture and Smaaash is the ultimate playground when it comes to having unconventional parties.


The rooftop garden coined as ‘sky garden’ by us, provides you the perfect green ambience to lounge in and savor delicious food with organic cocktails. You girls will have the perfect date with awesomeness in this bubbly atmosphere.



Step in to this luxurious “train” for a journey that takes you to the best of Gujarati cuisine. With fresh produce sourced locally, this inspired menu offers some of the best of vegetarian specialties.


And this is where the party lets loose! Bowl away in Twilight alleys, play cricket with legends, explore virtual-reality experiences like never before or challenge friends to races at our multi-tier Sky Karting. We highly recommend taking pit-stops from all the craziness for some food & drinks.


Kitty parties are a time where ladies find some space of their own. They are disconnected from the outside world and enter a universe filled with excitement, gossip and great food. Smaaash, Pravas and Verbena are the perfect venues to host your kitty parties. You could have your kitty party at any time throughout the day. Great food is something that unites the girls and makes them bond over. That’s some space for interesting gossip as well. Pravas provides you with authentic Gujarati cuisine to indulge in during your kitty parties. Verbena gives you more of a western vibe as you enjoy your kitty party with organically prepared cocktails prepared from scratch. At Smaaash kitty parties get wilder. You could play some interesting games and get lost in the world of virtual reality. You could also indulge in some physical sport. There’s delicious food and drinks to lounge over too. Hence, if you need a choice of place for your kitty party, these three venues should be on the top of your list.