Championship Rules

Round 1

All Players from Your company play at SMAAASH outlet to qualify for Round 2. Top 3 players with highest scores qualify for round 2.

Round 2

Your Company plays along side all the other 49 teams from the city. Team with the highest score is declared the City Winners & qualify for the National Finals.


All 5 teams – winners from all the 5 cities come down to Mumbai. Team with Highest Score Enters National Finals Directly Other 4 teams fight out for the final spot.

General Rules

Other than the ones specifically mentioned in the Rules section will be in accordance with WTBA playing rules. Use of Powder on the lanes or shoes is not allowed.

Timely Arrival for Games

If a player arrives after the start of their team game they lose the number of frames that have been completed by the players in their lane.
Ex – If a bowler arrives after his allocated co-bowler has completed game and 5 frames in the second game, he will start bowling from 5th frame of that game.

Tie Breaker rules

In case of a Tie Breaker Team will play 3 frames and the team with the highest score advances to the next round.


All members should strive to conduct themselves in a mature and sportsmanlike manner. Kicking ball returns, chairs, etc. and loud profanity will not be tolerated. A member consistently displaying this type of unsportsmanlike behavior will be given a code of ethics violation. All the bowlers are requested to voluntarily bring to notice incidents like jump ball, out of turn play etc. to the lane master.

Note :

  • Last date for Registration is 31st Jan 2019
  • Acceptance of entries will be on first come first served basis
  • No Professional Bowling Players (Any Player who has played at the District/State  Level in last 3 years) are allowed to participate from the corporates.